All the knowledge and know-how to support hotel businesses throughout every stage of their growth.


Our services are focused on strengthening the development of your accommodation facilities while optimizing profits.


Experts in entrepreneurial hotel management, we have an exceptional ability to analyze critical issues.


The rules of success lie in proper operations, commercial, and administrative management.

Phi Hotels is a Xenia S.p.A. SB brand devoted entirely to accommodation management, that has been internationally renowned since 1992 for its specialization in the hotel industry, and for the development of business intelligence solutions and data analysis. Phi Hotels is aimed at hoteliers who wish to reposition their hotels by promoting excellence and conserving their identity and relationship with the territory; it’s the ideal partner for relaunching, entrusting, or affiliating one’s facility to a solid group that can promote success thanks to its consolidated experience in operations, commercial, and administrative management. Phi Hotels offers a unique opportunity to independent hotels that wish to look to the future by relying on next-generation technologies and an unmistakable hosting style, while maintaining their own unique character. Creating value through service and attention to each guest is the defining characteristic of the Phi Group, which is capable of increasing the value of hotel businesses and properties over time. If you represent a hotel and would like to become part of our Group, visit our website at:

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