All the Phi hotels offer functional spaces and halls furnished with the equipment required for hosting meetings, conferences, congresses, and all other kinds of social or corporate events.


Our rooms are suited to host conferences and work meetings and our spaces are perfect for corporate events and company meetings. Hold your next work meeting at the Phi Park Hotel Alcione, a unique location framed by a panoramic mountain landscape and seascape at the same time: you'll impress your colleagues and achieve surprising results.


Located in the region that represents the culture of hospitality par excellence, Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni and Phi Hotel Eurogarden are an exclusive point of reference for professionals and entrepreneurs on the move. Its strategic position, its prestigious location, and its private, elegant spaces make it an extraordinary setting for organizing meetings, beginning or concluding private negotiations, or arranging to meet an executive passing through the city.


The sense of hospitality and privacy as well as the beauty of the places and the land make Umbria a great destination for staying on business or for organizing meetings and other corporate events. At Phi Hotel Hortensis and Phi Resort Coldimolino you'll find the ideal locations for events that can strengthen relationships between colleagues and with the management, and also convey a strong sense of belonging to the company.


By virtue of its entrepreneurial tradition, this is the area that hosts the most events in number and variety, and also is the best equipped in terms of locations for holding meetings. Of all the cities in the region, Milan is definitely the leader: the capital of high fashion and design, it's Italy's business city par excellence. Phi Hotel Milano is located in the heart of the city's business district and its metropolitan area.


The vibrant corporate network and industrial activities linked to the Treviso area make this territory a favorite destination for business travel, and the Phi Hotel Astoria an ideal location for business meetings. The hotel’s meeting room, elegant and practical spaces both indoors and out, as well as many other valuable services, all provide a perfect backdrop to hosting meetings and organizing corporate events that will strengthen your company’s image.